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Online Check Processing


We provide a secure online system for you to directly debit your customer’s bank account.

  • eDebit Direct is automated. Simply enter your customer’s info and you can track your deposits right to the bank.
  • eDebit Direct reduces returned items and posting errors, by quickly and accurately debiting your customer’s account without ever having to handle paper checks.
  • eDebit Direct gives you real-time reporting, so you can reconcile your deposits as often as you like.
  • eDebit Direct saves you money by eliminating labor costs associated with checks and reducing NSF fees.
  • eDebit Direct is fast. Why wait for a check to arrive, when you can take payments over the phone and have your funds within hours.
  • eDebit Direct allows you to schedule recurring payments such as memberships and to break up large payments.
  • eDebit Direct stores all your processed payments in a secure database so that you can easily access them at any time.
  • eDebit Direct will strengthen your business and increase customer loyalty, by providing your customer with a payment option that is quick, convenient, and secure.

Advanced Administration Control Panel

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Our system was designed from the ground up to be simple to use yet offer powerful features that we know our customers will love. Check out some of the features that you will enjoy when you sign up.

  • Comprehensive view of every payment that you have processed with an up to date status of each check.
  • Powerful search engine to find any payment that you are looking for.
  • Dashboard with charts and statistics about your account's activity.
  • Create and manage multiple accounts for your employees and assign permissions based on their role in your organization.
  • Manage recurring payments on any schedule. Make debits recur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Manage checks for multiple businesses in a single interface.

Website Integration


For merchants that need to add eDebit Direct payment options to their website, we have developed a REST based JSON API to allow for easy integration with our payment processing system. By using industry standard web service protocols, any website written for any platform can utilize our API. Python, Ruby, Java, C# and PHP are all supported!

In addition, we offer an even easier way to integrate with your website called Payment Links. These allow you to place a link on your website that will redirect your customers to a secure payment form where we will collect the payment information from your customer and then deposit the funds directly into your bank account. It can be setup in a matter of minutes!

Customized to Your Needs


We strive to make your experience the best one possible. If there is a feature that you would like to add or something that you don't like, then let us know. We'd love to hear from you and we have a dedicated development team ready to work with you on integrating your feedback into our site.

Superior 1-on-1 Support When it Counts


Our experienced support staff offers personal 1-on-1 support to all of our customers. This enables us to better serve you and helps us build a strong, long-lasting relationship with our clients.

  • We will respond as quickly as possible to any inquiry or concern that you may have.
  • We will work with you and your bank throughout the setup process.
  • We will help guide you through any questions that you may have while using our site.
  • We will keep you informed when new updates are made to improve the site.

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We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Support to make their experience wonderful!
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